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Self-love is the foundation to all pursuits, including marketing yourself

Hey There, I'm Ava!

A Social Media Coach and Self-Love Advocate with ten years of industry experience, dedicated to helping you reach your goals through Heart-Centered Social Mediaâ„¢. Here's how I can help:

Online Course

Ready to go all-in and grow your personal brand/business using Instagram? Let’s chat to see if you are an ideal fit for my upcoming six-week course launching 2/1/21.



Want my help with social media marketing and personal branding? Access me one-on-one for customized coaching. New clients: schedule the Discovery Call to get started. 


Workshop on Demand

Give yourself a healthy dose of self-love and explore foundational concepts, exercises, and framework to build a personal brand that stands out on social media.


As Featured In

425 Business Magazine

The most rewarding part of my career is having the opportunity to help people build their personal brands and showcase their expertise (aka influence) online.

I was recently featured on the cover of Seattle-based 425 Business Magazine’s annual marketing issue to discuss the power of activating influencers on social media.

Learn about the influencer marketing strategy and training program that I had the honor of creating for thousands of fitness professionals across the country. 


Upgrade Your Bio

Download my free guide to writing a better social media bio that helps you make a stellar first impression, attract more followers, and collect leads.

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Blog Features

Social Media Wellness Tips

If you’re feeling more drained than energized after spending time on social media lately, know that you’re not alone. This is a common experience at the peak of an election cycle. Learn how to bring your social media experience back into balance by creating boundaries. 


Self-Love Score and Why it's the First Step to Marketing Yourself

On a scale of 1-10, what is your current self-love score? Many may be surprised to hear that the first step towards successful personal brand-building through social media marketing actually has nothing to do with social media or marketing whatsoever. Rather, it has everything to do with you and your self-love score, which is real-time assessment of how much love you feel for yourself in any given moment.


Word on the Street

"Ava is a tremendous mentor, trainer, and leader in the social media field. Thanks to her expertise and ever growing knowledge, I've learned so much from my short time working with her."

Digital Strategist

"Her message is so important- that everything swirls right back to our insides like a drain. Ava, your reminders will save many."

Author of Borderline

"Wow Ava, I loved every minute of your Heart-Centered Social Media workshop. This was so helpful!!"

Founder of #FLEXOUT

"I'm usually so worried about how my content will come across to others that I lose sight of why I'm posting in the first place. Bringing social media back to heart center is such a revolutionary idea, and I love it."

Social Media Manager

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