Self-love is the foundation to all pursuits, including marketing yourself


Establish your self-love – social media connection so that you can turn your hobby into a business with the Heart-Centered Social Media Workshop™



It's time to pursue your passions


Consider this your loving reminder that it’s time to take action on that dream you’ve stuffed away for more years than you’d like to admit.

It’s time to play BIG, and go all-in on your passions.

In fact, it’s your responsibility to share your purpose with others.

I know, this is a biggg deal, and it may sound scary. Trust me, I've been in your shoes. And I promise you that it’s as simple as confidently letting other people know how you can help.

Regardless of where you’re at on your personal journey; whether you’re a dreamer, a side hustler, or an entrepreneur, social media marketing is the BEST way to let people know who you are, and how you can help.

Wondering where to even begin?

Start by establishing an authentic, heart-centered personal brand on Instagram®. 

I’ll show you how in the Heart-Centered Social Media Workshop.


What is the Heart-Centered Social Media Workshop? 

The Heart-Centered Social Media Workshop is a self-guided series of interactive video lessons that will teach you self-love and social media concepts, exercises and framework to help you lay the foundation of building a personal brand and business that stands out online.


What will I learn in this workshop?

In this workshop on-demand, you’ll learn how self-love directly impacts your personal brand, tactics to increase your self-love so that you can share authentically on social media, and strategies and framework to help you build a content strategy that connects with those you aim to serve. After this workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • A brand new way of approaching how you view and use social media
  • The ability to shift from using social media “just for fun” to using it strategically to turn your hobby or passion project into a business
  • Direction on what types of content you should be creating and posting to achieve your goals through the Three Content Pillars framework
  • Practical tips for increasing your online visibility through the 7-Step Cycle of Influence
  • Self-love tools and tactics to give you the confidence boost needed to market yourself

Is this workshop right for me?

You’re seeking a foundational starting point, a creative spark, or a strategic tweak. You want to connect to yourself so that you can better connect to others. 

Whether you’re an aspiring blogger, a hobbyist looking to monetize your new quarantine pastime, or a savvy side hustler who wants to turbo-boost your hustle, there's something here for you. 

This workshop is central to setting a strong personal brand foundation and is best for those curious about using social media to establish or refine your personal brand.


Students have used this workshop to:

  • Turn a culinary dream into a successful new food blog  
  • Share a personal passion of painting with the outside world
  • Demonstrate thought-leadership online as a subject-matter-expert to book podcast interviews
  • Go from ‘influencing’ for other brands to marketing their own digital product
  • Establish a new personal brand on Instagram to reflect a career change 


In other words, if you find yourself raising your hand for any of the following sentiments, I want to see you inside the Heart-Centered Social Media Workshop:


You’re being pulled to do something more with your life. The world is changing, and so are you. Take the first step.


You have a passion project that feeds your soul. You’re ready to breathe more life into it and share it with the world.

Side Hustlers

You’re an accomplished side-hustler who’s ready to double down and turbo-boost your hustle. It's time to shine on 'em. 

I see you raising your hand over there! Enroll today to get started. 


How does it work? 

This workshop is a self-guided learning experience. Once you register for the workshop, you’ll gain immediate access to the video lesson series, and can take it on your own time, from anywhere in the world. And yes, this definitely includes from home in your comfiest (but make it fashion) sweatpants.  


Who teaches the workshop? 

It's hosted by me, Ava Beilke! I’m a social media coach and self-love advocate with ten years of social media marketing experience. I’ve worked for companies spanning from international and national brands like Radisson Blu Hotels and Life Time Fitness, all the way down to solopreneurs, teaching service-providers how to leverage the power of social media marketing to pursue their passions.

#Heart❤️CenteredSocial Testimonials


“I loved every minute of this workshop. The content pillars framework was so helpful, it eliminates all of the guesswork around what to post!”


“I’m usually so worried about how my content will come across to others that I lose sight of why I’m posting it in the first place. This workshop helped me get out of my own way."


“This workshop was so helpful as I'm starting my own personal brand. It led me to realize that I need to allow myself to be vulnerable and create more authenticity in the things I share.”

Ready to build your personal brand through self-love and social media? 

Join the Heart-Centered Social Media Workshop today by clicking the button below to enroll. 


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